Frequently Asked Questions

The SCOBO app is unique in that it brings together employees and employers according to criteria relevant to both. It takes into account your needs, language, allows you to create lists of suitable employers and communicate with them or apply for positions. In addition, employers can also contact you as the system will automatically show them your candidacy each time you meet the requirements for vacant positions.

Finally, if you have come to Lithuania and do not speak Lithuanian or just beginning to learn it, you can indicate that with SCOBO and we will connect You with employers who do not require a fluent Lithuanian language. Such employers constitute a majority, according to a 2021 representative survey of businesses employing foreigners.

SCOBO will save time, allow You to create lists of employees that suit You and contact everyone, ask relevant questions or invite them for a job interview. In addition, the system will automatically notify everyone who meets your requirements about your company's vacant positions, You will also be able to see potential employees.

SCOBO invites you to indicate how important Lithuanian is to your proposed job position - this will help you find the most suitable candidate or foreign talent who speaks English, Russian or other languages perfectly.

Yes, you can use SCOBO completely free of charge.

Yes! We created SCOBO in such a way that everyone, regardless of language, could look for a job in Lithuania. After logging in, select a language - Russian, English or Arabic - and always use SCOBO only in this language. Job advertisements will also be translated into the language of your choice, and we will show you companies that do not require Lithuanian or have a lower language level for positions.

When creating SCOBO, we thought of You. SCOBO registers both Lithuanian and foreign citizens who are looking for a job in Lithuania. That is why the system works in four languages - Lithuanian, English, Russian and Arabic, and we bring companies and employees together according to the level of language. If Lithuanian is not necessary for a position You are offering or a lower level of language is sufficient, indicate it and we will bring Your company together with foreign talents or specialists from abroad.

Your personal data is safe because we comply with the requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR), the Law on Legal Protection of Personal Data of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as the requirements for the processing of personal data established in other legal acts. We invite you to read more about data protection here.

Yes, You can delete Your account at any time. You can also edit any of Your profile information.

Yes, if we delete your account, we will delete all Your data and stop storing it.

If You forgot your password, create a new one. We recommend that You use passwords that are at least 12 characters long and contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters. We do not accumulate Your passwords. We invite You to read more about password policy here.

It is the responsibility of each registered user to ensure that the information is accurate and correct. By registering for the app, you assume full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.

If this has happened and the company has not fulfilled the promised working conditions (for example, has not paid the promised salary), be sure to notify the State Labor Inspectorate and write to us at